Avis should be glad this isn’t a review…

Frankfurt, Germany

We were almost finished with our trip, but it seemed like something was constantly going wrong.  We ended up having a great time out our second night in Rome, but the problems seemed to push to the front of our conversations.  We needed to put Italy behind us and focus on our upcoming trip to Amsterdam.  Even though I don’t smoke, I had agreed to eat a brownie or something or other.  When in Rome….err…Amsterdam…
Our Ryanair flight from Rome landed at Frankfurt Hahn Airport, outside of Frankfurt.  Megan, Theresa and I figured that it was going to cost just as much to take a train back to Bitburg as it would be to rent a car, so we went for the car rental.  We used Avis to get a car.  Megan rented the car and we were on our way.  Despite being a Benz, the car was hideous looking.   Even though we planned to rent a car to go to Amsterdam the next day, we decided to return the rental car and rent one that suited us a bit better.
The next day we return the car and pick out a different one to take to Amsterdam.  Megan’s the only one w/a credit card (I only brought my debit card and Theresa had a prepaid AmEx), so she went to rent the car.
Can we add another problem on to this trip?  Yes, we can, and we did.
Megan’s card was denied.  WTF!  Megan had been using this card her entire time in Europe and knew how much she should have available.  There should be no reason for her card to be denied.  We had to finagle a way back to where we were staying to rectify the situation.  As it turned out, Avis had charged her card multiple times at $500 a pop and maxed her out.  I called the Avis desk at the airport and spoke (eehhh…more like heavily spoke my mind) to the woman who had helped us the day before.  I felt bad, I was pretty much a bitch, but I was so frustrated w/everything that had happened on this trip, and this was just another thing to complain about.  We wanted to get to Amsterdam and it looked like we were going to SOL on that one.  We called Visa, and they couldn’t take the charges off right away, but they could up Meg’s credit limit, so we could rent a car.
Finally we had a car in hand, but it was hours after we had hoped and now we wouldn’t be getting into Amsterdam until almost 10 pm…
Moral of the Story:  Things never go as planned.  That, you can plan on.

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