I almost died when…

…a carnival ride in San Sebastian almost fell on me.

So two of the four guys I was traveling with and I were eating our breakfast in a plaza the morning after I ran with the bulls. We would have sat on a bench, but they were wet from the rain, so we set our bags down and leaned against a bench next to a carnival ride with an aluminum small looking type house thingy on the platform. We were going about our business commenting on how a semi w/a ride on the back was trying to squeeze through a really small space when all of a sudden Evan yells “Holy Shit” and Travis and I look up and see this aluminum thing slowly falling on top of us. Evan managed to move w/only his right arm getting hit pretty good and Travis got his foot caught under it. I dived out but the ladder next to it landed on top of the back of my legs.

All I could think about was what my obituary would say:

“Kim Geiter, 26 years old, survived the running of the bulls, but died a day later when a carnival ride fell on top of her in a freak accident in San Sebastian, Spain.”

The guys working at the carnival didn´t even bother to come over and check on us for 15 minutes, despite the fact the thing fell b/c the semi snagged a cable connected to the ride. Some ladies eating nearby came over real quick, as well as a little old man, shorter than me. The ladies called the police and Evan went to a bar that he knew the owner at right there and the owner played our lawyer and made sure the guys didn´t take off before the police came.

The little old guy was just animated and going on in Spanish, so I never understood a thing he said.

That said, it was one hell of a morning. The 5 of us got into San Sebastian the night before from Pamplona. There was no lodging available.  We met this awesome lady named Margarita in an internet cafe who overheard our plight for a place to stay and offered up her apt. for a 100 Euros for the 5 of us.  We went to go check it out, but it was too small for the 5 of us, plus her and her kid.  Even though we weren’t going to crash there, she let us take a shower and use her internet.  By far the best shower I’ve ever had in my life.  That night we found a place to sleep, but it started to rain, so we split up 2/3 to find another place. Three of us ended up in a lobby of an apartment building. The guy mopping the floor this morning just mopped around us. We got in 8 hours before a policman came and kicked us out at 9 am. That’s when we went out to get breakfast.

We met up with the other 2 guys after and told them about our morning.  We decided to hike up this huge hill to check out this huge Jesus statue.  It was pretty cool and had a great view.  It also turned into a great place to catch a nap.  One of the guys found a pile of cushions to crash on and I layed down in a theatre that kept showing the same San Sebastian info strip over and over.

That night one of the guys ended up heading back to Pamplona to run again and the other 4 of us decided to buy the 1 Euro boxes of Don Simon Sangria and drink as cheaply as we could for awhile. We met up with a group of British guys that we had met in Pamplona and headed to the bars.  I somehow got separated from the guys I was with but was still with the Brits.  Drank w/them for awhile before Travis showed up at the bar.  We ended up heading back to the plaza w/the carnival set up to find camp for the night.  We were storing our luggage in the bar that Evan knew the owner of, so it was a logical place to crash.  Can definitely say that if I hadn’t been drinking, no way I would have ever crawled under a carousel to sleep.  It was all Travis’s idea.  He crawled under and I found myself standing by myself in the middle of the night, so I crawled under the carousel.  Well of course it rained and of course I was soaked when I woke up.  That next day we all started making plans to go our separate ways.  I was going to head to either Lyon or Bourg-en-Bresse, France. Evan was heading to Paris.  Travis was going to hitch hike to Portugal and Kyle had already left that morning.

Spain was about to be over for me and France awaited, but I knew I had just had one of the best weeks of my life.


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