Oktoberfest minus bier = Munich

September 30-October 3, 2009

To be fair to Munich, I can’t make an informed decision on the city. For the most part, I saw the Oktoberfest grounds. The rest, I hurried through with the thoughts of drinking on my mind. While there were quite a few places I wanted to see, I had my priorities turned around. I had a list of places that I wanted to visit and explore and had allotted the whole day on Friday to tour around the city. I knew I would enjoy myself at the festival, but I didn’t envision my liver giving me the strength for two. It’s not like my time in Munich was void of any attractions, as I did manage to get to Marienplatz to see the world-famous Glockenspiele. However, since I wasn’t by the Neues Rathaus at 11 am or 5 pm, I did not get to see the show it provided. I played frogger across the circle at Karolinenplatz and saw where Hitler’s failed “Munich Putsch” happened at Feldherrnhalle. While in front of the Glyptothek in Konigsplatz, I met Christian. He was from Munich, but was going to school in London. He was home for Oktoberfest, or as he taught me, Das Wiesn. He ended up becoming an impromptu tour guide for a half hour, as we were both heading toward Marienplatz. He gave me some local insight and history on what we were seeing around us. He invited me to find him in one of the tents that night, but I never made it in that direction and never saw him again.

So yeah, that short paragraph pretty much sums up my sight-seeing in Munich. A friend of mine couldn’t believe I never made it the Hofbrauhaus, but I drank enough beer to make up for it!

Sights I should have taken the time to see in Munich:

Hofbrauhaus—the least I could have done was grab a bite to eat in the bier garden.

Residenz—former home to many a Bavarian King.

Ludwigskirche—a striking church with twin towers.

Alte Pinakothek—a world-famous art gallery, or so I’ve been told. I did want to see Rembrandt’s “Descent from the Cross,” one of five paintings he did on the Passion of the Christ.

Schloss Nymphenburg—A palace I didn’t get to see, but planned on. The palace and the grounds are supposed to be amazing.

Olympiapark—home to the 1972 Olympics.

Englischer Garten—I wanted to check out the Japanese Tea Garden. Oops.

Michaelskirche—I did take a few minutes to step inside and look around. The expanse inside is amazing.

Altes Rathaus and Neues Rathaus—the Old and New Town Halls are in Marienplatz, I only saw the exterior of either.

Karlstor—Karl’s Gate, at the end of Marienplatz that I didn’t walk down.

St. Peter’s Kirche—visible from the Oktoberfest grounds. I kept joking around that it was proof that God made beer and therefore was proof that God wanted us to have fun. It’s worth a walk around.


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