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A shopping list of a different sort

Now that I have a plane ticket in hand, or at least floating around in cyberspace, it’s time to start figuring out what I want to do, where I want to go and how I’m going to get from Point A to Point B. The only things that I’m certain on are being in specific cities on specific dates to coincide with my match tickets. As of right now, I have tickets to the following matches:

Match 2: France vs. Uruguay, June 11th, Cape Town

Match 16: Spain vs. Switzerland, June 16th, Durban

Match 58: Quarterfinal, July 2nd, Johannesburg

I also have arranged to buy a ticket for the US vs. England from another American, but it’s a crapshoot if I’ll be able to use it, because we can’t get the ticket transferred into my name and if they check ID, I’ll be screwed. Regardless, I will be in Rustenburg for the match.

I’ve been doing a lot of planning in the month since I bought my plane ticket, which included a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg on the morning of the 12th. I have already reserved hostels in Cape Town from the 3rd-11th, Rustenburg for the 12th and Durban for the 15th-18th. In addition to finding a pillow to attach my head to, I’ve been putting together a rough itinerary and a list of the places I want to see the most.

As of right now, this is my current list of the places/sights I want to see:

  1. Robben Island—Nelson Mandela is an amazing person and a huge inspiration for me
  2. Cape Agulhas—the southern-most point of Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet
  3. Kruger National Park—can I see the big 5, pretty, pretty please?
  4. Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve
  5. Winelands—some friends of mine have a friend that owns a winery in South Africa, yeah, I won’t pass up that chance
  6. Drakensberg Mountain Range
  7. The Garden Route—the town of Knysna is very appealing
  8. Soweto—township outside of Johannesburg that the struggle of Apartheid played out in
  9. Whale watching—not exactly sure if I’m there during a good time for this
  10. Isicathamiya competitions—Saturday nights in Durban and Johannesburg, this is the type of music competition that Ladysmith Black Mambazo got its start at
  11. The massive Baobab Tree that has a bar in it—caught wind of this from another Travbuddy
  12. The Palace of the Lost City
  13. Victoria Falls—yes, I’m aware this isn’t in South Africa, but it’s a quick plane ride away
  14. Lesotho and Swaziland—countries within a country intrigue me

I’m guessing that as I continue to read through the multiple guide books that I’ve purchased, that this list is going to continue to grow and that some sights may move up in importance for me to see. I have a little over 3 months before I embark on this adventure, but I like to think I’m getting a good head start on the planning.


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