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Somebody wants to hire me right?

So I’ve been in Bendigo for a little over a week now.  I started sending out resumes a few days ago, but so far, only one bite.  I had an interview at a bar/restaurant in Bendigo today.  Pretty much the interview went south when I was asked what would prevent me from making a year commitment?  Well, let’s see, the Visa only allows me to work somewhere for a maximum of 6 months.  I guess if I wanted to make a 6 month commitment, I could be considered for the job, but I don’t think I’m willing to commit more than 2-3 months at a time, as I really do want to see this country.

I think I’m going to head to Melbourne tomorrow and walk around and start looking for jobs in person.

I’ve been enjoying my time with Dana and her family.  We went to the Grampians last weekend.  It was a lovely area, just sadly hurt by flooding and landslides.  A lot of the main sites were shut down, but we saw some Aboriginal rock art, a cultural center and a giant koala bear…they make things big here in OZ.

Oh yeah, I saw a lot of kangaroos.  I guess I can come home happy now!

Missing everyone!


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Well I’m officially Down Under!

After 12 relaxing, fun-filled days of laying on various beaches around Fiji, I have made it to Australia.  I got in around 10 o’clock local time last night.  It took a bit to get through the customs line, but customs was a breeze to get through.  They made no comments on me being there for a year, no questions about wether I have enough money to live on or a return ticket home for that matter. 

While it’s great to be here, I’m excited for the chance to hang out with my old friend Dana.  It’s been 12 years since we’ve seen each other.  She was there waiting for me when I got out of customs.  I had a nice car ride with her and her mum to her house.  This morning I met her husband Abe and can’t wait to meet her little girl Amalie…on pictures alone she’s one of the cutest kids in the world.

I only slept for about 5 hours last night, I guess I’m still on Fiji time (only 2 hours ahead, but I’ve been used to waking up around 6:30 the past few mornings). 

In other news, Fiji was amazing.  I had such a great time.  I spent most of the trip island hopping the Yasawa Islands.  Final count saw me stay at 4 different resorts on 4 islands over the course of 7 nights/8 days.  I met some really great people that I look forward to keeping in touch with. 

Well, time to start my day…or at least get off the couch!  Missing everyone!


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Bula from Fiji!

Well, I made it here safe and sound.  This placereally is amazing and I haven’t even left the resort I’m staying at.  We’ve had some rain, but luckily the weather has been nice for most of it.  Seriously, my day yesterday consisted of laying on the beach, going in the water, laying on the beach, swimming in the pool, wash, rinse, repeat…

I participated in some Kava drinking last night.  It’s a drink made from crushing up the roots of the kava plant, mixing with water and drinking.  Your options for drinking came in the forms of low-tide, medium-tide, high-tide or tsunami.  When they listed off my options, I can’t say I understood what they said, and I just asked for whatever the last one they said was.  Needless to say, I couldn’t feel my tongue afterwards.  It was neat though to sit around, listen to music, bs with the people next to you and just enjoy in the moment.

Starting tomorrow I’ll actually get out and start exploring the main island of Veti Levu, which is what I’m on now.  Eventually I’ll do some island hopping on the Mamanuca and Yasawa groups, before heading to Oz on the 15th. 

For now, not much else to report.  I think I hear a beach calling my name again, so I think I’m going to pay it a visit.

p.s…how was February 2nd?? I didn’t get one.  I went strait from the 1st to the 3rd.  I feel a bit cheated in not getting to enjoy that day.  Hope you guys did instead!

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