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Well I’m gainfully employed…in the middle of nowhere…

Greetings from Morawa, Western Australia!  I have been here since Monday (3/11) and have been working as an “all-rounder” in a hotel since Tuesday.  In the mornings, I work on cleaning the rooms and hotel and then bartend at night.  Every now and then I’ll be in the kitchen helping w/prep cooking and dishes.  The town has under a 1000 people and in some ways, reminds me a lot of home.  The bar has its core of regulars, which I’m slowly, but surely learning.  The hard part isn’t even cleaning the toilets, it’s getting the lingo down.  For example:

If someone orders a lemonade, they mean a Sprite.  (Why they don’t just order a Sprite is beyond me)

If someone orders a lemon squash or a club lemon, they mean what we call lemonade.

A stubby is a bottle.  A jug is a pitcher.  And I’ve never heard of any of their beers before I got to this country.  I also have yet to see one place selling Fosters.  So much for that meaning Australian for beer. 

The benefit of this job is that it pays me a decent wage each week and all my meals and accomodation are included.  I think I’ll stick it out here for a couple months before moving on.

Hope everyone is well back home.  I’m saddened by the state of our State at the moment and hope that when I get back things will be better.  Until then, I hope people can keep their heads up and know that things have a way of working out and I hope it rings true for all my friends in the public sector and the school district!

Missing everyone!

p.s…I’d love to post some pics, but for now, the computer I have access to is way tooo slow to even attempt it!  Someday though, I promise!


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