Goodbye Morawa, hope it was as good for you as it was for me…

I can’t believe how quickly 2 months can go by, especially when it felt like half of it was cleaning toilets.  I finished my job in Morawa the beginning of May, just over 8 weeks after starting.  I really enjoyed my time there, mainly the people.  I became surprisingly ok with cleaning bathrooms and making other people’s beds. (For the record, I still don’t make my own, some habits die hard).  I worked with a great bunch of people that never allowed there to be a shortage of laughs.  There were 4-5 backpackers working there at a time.  Add them to the locals that worked there and came in on a regular basis, something interesting was always around the corner.  Not to be outdone, there were a few creeps that popped up here and there.  Trust me, if anyone ever asks you a question about a tiger and winking, walk away quickly.  Ver quickly to be exact!

I had an enjoyable last night…ice cream cake (they sang me “Happy Birthday” since goodbye songs weren’t that common), good drinks, good people and good music.  I even managed to drag myself out of bed to work for one last morning before catching a 6 hour bus ride to Perth and then a red-eye flight to Melbourne.

So to Morawa, my home for 2 months and my first job in Australia:  Thank you.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again…

p.s…some links to pics from my time in WA below:


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