Darwin or Cairns? First to respond wins.

I spent a few days in Bendigo by Dana deciding whether to head home or not.  When I concluded I would be staying in Australia, I figured I should find a job since I was down to my last few hundred bucks.  I had hoped to head to Darwin to look for work (and because I wanted to be there for the Beer Can Regatta in July, tops on my list of things to do in Oz), but flights there were expensive, so I chose the warmest, cheapest place to fly, which was Brisbane.

As a heads up:  Whoever thinks Australia is warm year round is on crack.  This place is freezing in winter.  There might not be foot upon foot of snow blanketing everything, but the cold can cut right through you.

I got into Brisbane, checked into the same hostel I had stayed at my first time here and started my job search the next day.  I looked on a few websites and also walked into a few bars to pass out my resume.  I think I lasted about 12 hours in Brisbane before I decided I really didn’t want to live or work there and that I really wanted to be in Darwin or even Cairns.  So I hit Gumtree up again to look for rideshares.  I responded to two ads:  one with two Brits heading to Darwin in campervan relocation and one to a guy heading to Cairns via Laura for the Aboriginal dance festival.  I figured the first yes reply I got would win.  So I headed to Darwin with Tim and James from Leeds.

Since the campervan had to be in Darwin by a set time in 6 days and we had about 3600km to drive, we didn’t have too much time to do anything touristy along the way—small price to pay when you’re only paying $1 a day for a really nice campervan.  We did stop off in Daly Waters, which is nothing more than a block with a famous pub and a campervan park.  Had some time there and headed back on the road. We went via the Outback to get to Darwin, so I hit up some spots I had already been through on my first roadtrip, which included Cloncurry where I finally shelled out money to sleep in the campervan park that we snuck into the first time.  Our time on the road saw us have a run in with a dead kangaroo, resulting in us spending the night in a parking bay with the group that had killed the roo and damaged their campervan pretty heavily in the front.  We also picked up a guy who needed a lift to the next town up for oil for his semi that was carrying sponsorship gear up to Darwin for the upcoming V8’s.  We were hoping to get some passes for the races from him, but it never worked out.  On the brightside, we learned he wasn’t a homicidal killer hitchhiking his way through Australia.  We figured his lack of an axe or chainsaw was a good sign.

We got the van to Darwin in 6 days and on time and I began my search for a job, since I was now out of Aussie money and spending in US dollars, which sucked since the exchange rate was killing me.  I can proudly say I lasted longer on my Darwin job search than I did in Brisbane—about a week to be exact.  Unfortunately, I was about 3 weeks too late to cash in on the job market there, so I ended up taking another roadtrip through the Red Centre before the Darwin Beer Can Regatta on July 10th.


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