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Livin’ the country life in Mingenew

So a lot has gone on in the past few months, in which, I’m doing my best to add the back log of blogs that are due, along with some pics.  I should have everything updated by the time I end my stint in my current location, Mingenew, Western Australia.  I got a job working at a country pub for a few months.  I’m actually not far from Morawa, where I worked before.  My plan is to work until October, then make my way up the West Coast back to Darwin.  Then I want to hit up Bali, then over to Cairns, and who knows after that.  I still need to make it to Canberra to see Sam, who is a friend from high school, just one of a few Aussies who came to Wabeno as an exchange student!

Right now, I’m working around 45 hours a week, which is good because it means I’m making really good money to save.  The more the better, because I had been spending in USD for the past month or so and the exchange rate was killing me.  This place only a few hundred people and is as country as you can get.  I’ve already been to a rodeo.  In September they have some big farming expo coming up which brings in a lot of people.  Boy am I excited!

To sum up my life the past month, I stayed exactly 6 days in Darwin before giving up the job search and hopping in a car to head back to the Center of the country.  I missed out on Kings Canyon the last time, so I spent a couple weeks making a round trip back to Darwin.  I did Lichfield, Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Katherine Gorge and a few places in between before getting back to Darwin.  I ended another week there with the Darwin Beer Can Regatta before I flew out to Perth the next day.  I was already offered the job in Mingenew before I left Darwin, but had an interview at a place just outside of Perth for live-in bar position.  I chose Mingenew because it offered the best chance to save, so here I am.

Like I said, I should get some older blogs up over the next couple months.  Internet here is expensive, so I’m going to try to only come once a week, if that!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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