Goodbye Australia, hello SE Asia…

So I know I haven’t updated anything in over 6 months, mainly because I’ve been having too much fun.  Honest to God truth.  That said, this isn’t going to be more than a blurb, as eventually I’ll get up the posts that should have been put up.

When you last heard from me, I was starting a job in Mingenew, Western Australia.  It was supposed to be a 3-month stint, but I turned it into 5.  I had a blast there and met so many amazing people and had way too many fun nights.  I left there in December and made my way back to Bendigo to spend the holidays with Dana and her family.  God I love them!

After the New Year, I headed back to Sydney and did a bit of the East Coast before heading back to Melbourne to catch the opening day of the Australian Open, where I saw Nadal and Federer play.  Then I headed to Tasmania.

Tasmania is hands down one of the most beautiful places on Earth.   I spent 3 weeks there and never tired of the sights or the people.  I ended my time there by taking a 10-day roadtrip with awesome people.  When I have time I’ll go into more detail about the place, as it deserves way more than a mere mention.

I left Australia on February 14th, 364 days after I arrived.  I flew into Bangkok, Thailand to begin a couple months in SE Asia.  I’m almost finished with 2 weeks in Thailand and soon will head to Cambodia…if I ever get the motivation to leave the beaches.  I’m currently in Ko Phi Phi, where they filmed the movie, The Beach.  I think I’ll stick around one more day and then make my way to the Thailand/Cambodia border to spend time there before hitting up Vietnam and Laos.  Then back to Oz for a bit and finally home sweet home.

Hope everyone is well, see you guys in a couple months!


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