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Bad weather, too much beer and Vietnam

When I travel, I travel with a rough idea of how I want things to go…I’ll spend 2 months in SE Asia, roughly 2 weeks in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  Well, it’s been almost a month and a half and I’ve spent 1 month in Thailand, 5 nights in Cambodia and 1 week in Vietnam.  So pretty much, my lack of planning never goes as planned.

At first, things went somewhat to that time frame.  I spent about 2-3 weeks in Thailand and headed to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  When I got there, I had received an email from someone I had contacted in Thailand about working at some English camps.  Turns out they were still looking for help, so I left Cambodia after a few days and headed back to Thailand for another 2 weeks.  I was then going to head to Laos with some people I had met in Chiang Mai and Pai up in the north, but found out a friend of mine from Slovenia was in Vietnam, so I headed to the Embassy, got my visa, bought a plane ticket and now here I am.

Right now, I find myself tucked under the covers of my bed in Sapa, in northern Vietnam.  It is pretty cold outside and from out my window, I can’t see a thing because it’s so foggy.  So far in Vietnam, I have experienced a lot of rain and cold, overcast weather.  Yet that hasn’t stopped me.   I spent around 4 days in Hanoi and saw a few things.  The weather was pretty crappy, so I didn’t get to get out and experience everything I wanted to.  Yet, I’ve been having a lot of fun.

While in the slowest line ever at the Bangkok Airport to check my luggage, I met a girl from Canada on the same flight as I was.  We ended up at the same hostel in Hanoi and booking the same boat tour of Ha Long Bay as well.

Ha Long Bay is considered one of the most beautiful places in not only Vietnam, but the world as well.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the full finality of its beauty because of the weather and the fact that this tour was a party boat.  Our guide did his best to encourage as much beer down our throats as possible.  I had fun, but not too much fun.  Everyone else on the other hand, I can’t say the same for.  At night, we played the craziest game of Kings Cup/Circle of Death ever.  All I know is that any given moment, there were multiple people without any clothes on.  I had fun on the tour, but didn’t like that the focus was about drinking and not about the UNESCO sight we were surrounded by.  Yet, I met some pretty fun people.

When I got back to Hanoi I had an email from my Slovenian friend saying he was going to be in Sapa the next day and since I was planning to head there next, I caught the night train with Sara (the Canadian) and now here I am.  Hopefully today I will get together with Damijan and tomorrow I will head off to somewhere else…Hanoi again, Ninh Binh…who knows…

I only have just over 3 weeks left in SE Asia before I fly back to Perth in April.  Then in May, I will come home…just have to buy that plane ticket…


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March 26, 2012 · 22:06